Why Graphic Designers Should Learn 3D

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The design industry is changing at a great pace and more and more companies are looking to use 3D to enhance their brand or fuel their creativity. 3D graphic design can open many doors for 2D designers today, from using a greater range of skills to generating more innovative work, to being able to offer a much broader range of work. For those looking for ways to supplement existing skills, there are many reasons why graphic designers should learn 3D.

Make Yourself More Marketable

The demand for 3D skills in the animation world and beyond is rising steeply. It's likely that we will reach a point at which designers without 3D may find avenues of work become narrowed. For now, being able to offer 3D skills makes you far more marketable than pure 2D designers. The need for photorealistic design is cross-sector and so this kind of learning is a simple way to create a competitive edge. Plus, there are so many industries that now use 3D skills – from game design, to motion graphics, schematics, broadcasting and special effects – by learning 3D skills you could tap into a whole new client base.

Refocus Your Creativity

When you're doing design work day in day out, it's very easy to get a little numb or disillusioned. Learning how to use 3D can really change the day-to-day experience for designers, opening up new ways to be creative and injecting new pride, ambition and even fun into your daily grind. If you're feeling a little uninspired or dissatisfied, picking up this new and innovative skill set could change things dramatically.

Keep up With the Cutting Edge in the Design Industry

3D design skills are now evident everywhere in motion design, from commercials, to corporate videos and TV show intros. The industry is moving towards 3D as a benchmark, and so it's a crucial skill to have for graphic designers who want to operate at the cutting edge. There's a very wide range of 3D applications to choose from – if you want to get started, then all you need to do is choose one.

Be Better at What You Do

There's no doubt that working with 3D introduces new challenges. However, it also offers a broad selection of tools with which to gradually improve. Acquiring 3D skills will enable you to take principles such as perspective, values and tones, colour theory and lighting and fine-tune them like never before.


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