What Animation Seminars And Tradeshows Should You Be Attending?


Graphic design is one of those careers that benefits from learning around the subject. The more influences, ideas and innovation you can absorb, the better your work and concepts will be. Entering competitions and contests, as well as attending animation seminars and tradeshows, can be enormously helpful when it comes to this kind of skills growth. Here are some of the key industry events to add to your calendar.

Stop Motion Summer Camp 2017

23rd June – 23rd July, Gelnhausen, Germany

Travel to Germany this summer to explore pretty much every angle of this cinematographic technique, its designs and details. Stop Motion Summer Camp 2017 covers a wide range of topics, from resin and silicone casting, to animation, puppet fabrication and lip sync. It's worth bearing in mind that all the sessions are in German.


30th July – 3rd August, LA, USA

This five day conference, stateside, brings together some of the best graphic design brains in the world to educate, innovate and explore new opportunities for collaboration. Some of the topics up for discussion include advanced mobile systems, immersive realities and emerging interactive technologies. If you're keen to learn and explore new opportunities to push boundaries then SIGGRAPH is for you.

Computer Graphics & Animation

25th and 26th September, Berlin, Germany

This year's Computer Graphics & Animation conference is on the topic of "Shaping the Future with Innovations in Graphics & Animation." It offers the opportunity to engage and network with professionals from all over the world and submit abstracts and listen to keynote speakers and experts talking about the latest innovations and hot topics.


2nd – 8th October, Bournemouth, UK

Celebrating the UK's visual effects and animation industry, BFX is an event designed to connect and inspire. As well as a summer competition there will be a range of master classes, screenings and seminars to explore and promote the world of visual effects, animation and games.

VIEW Conference 2017

23rd – 27th October, Turin, Italy

VIEW 2017 focuses on a wide range of skills and ideas that enable increasing blurring of the line between physical and digital. These include VR and AR, animation (3D and 2D), computer graphics, interactive techniques and gaming and VFX. This event doesn't just explore the ideas and skills involved but also the way that digital is impacting across industries, from fashion to architecture.

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