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Entertaining and informative, this is a must-visit website for any Cinema 4D user. I’ve known about Greyscalegorilla for many years. The name is one that’s hard to forget and it’s arguably the most popular supporting company for Cinema 4D 3D animation software. Most long-standing Cinema 4D artists will know about this site, but if you don't, check it out! 

About Greyscalegorilla

Greyscalegorilla was founded by Nick Campbell over in the USA. He originally set up the name to reference a personal blog he used to talk about design and education. Over the years, the blog has evolved into a complete site focused on motion graphics and 3D software that is packed with tutorials and supporting tools.


The Greyscalegorilla team

Nowadays, Greyscalegorilla’s site attracts over 20,000 visitors a day. That level of traffic is too much for one person to handle, so Greyscalegorilla is very much driven by a team of people. At the present count, there are six team members: Nick Campbell (owner), Chris Schmidt (director of 3D product development), Chad Ashley (creative director), Jacqueline Mueller (studio manager), Joe Schmidt (developer) and Danny Schmidt (developer). This team churns out a mass of high-quality training and tools for Cinema 4D and content that helps motion designers at every level.


Nick Campbell at the MAXON UK training day

At MAXON UK, we were fortunate enough that Nick Campbell was able to make it across the pond to attend a MAXON UK training day in 2014 as a guest speaker. Nick was treated like a celebrity by many of the audience. I even witnessed people asking for selfies and autographs, such is his appeal to Cinema 4D users. Nick’s a master speaker and can make even the most technical of features sound easy and exciting. It was a pleasure to spend some time with him and have him over to teach and meet many UK Cinema 4D artists.

What's on offer at Greyscalegorilla?

Loads! Products, tutorials, classes, support, blog and resources. But in my opinion, the two most valuable areas for a user of Cinema 4D are:



Greyscalegorilla is renowned for its mass of Cinema 4D tutorials and feature presentations. The site has to date about 500 tutorials spanning some 23 pages. Best of all they are FREE! Be sure to check them out on the link above. And if you’re just getting started with Cinema 4D, I highly recommend the Introduction to Cinema 4D series.



Also on offer on the site is a range of helpful plugins and resources in the products section. You’ll find textures, city generators, HDRI rigs, light kit rigs, colour looks and much more. These products all cost, but they are fairly priced and Greyscalegorilla offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

In Conclusion

If you're a Cinema 4D artist, Greyscalegorilla is a must-visit site where you can learn a lot for free and you can also get your hands on some very helpful tools. If you haven't got Cinema 4D yet, the site is a great place to learn about the software. You can grab a FREE demo of Cinema 4D below and then follow along with most of Greyscalegorilla's tutorials. In particular, the getting started in C4D section is excellent for newcomers to the software.

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