Three-Point Lighting In Cinema 4D


Three-point lighting is a classic technique to light objects in 3D software or in real life. In this Cinema 4D tutorial, I'll show you how it works, and I'll also cover some fast, easy ways to fine-tune your final render.

The above example is a great scene created by Peter Fendrik, which you can find in Cinema 4D's help system by searching for 'tutorial.' Peter (aka pupi) was an exceptionally talented 3D artist from Hungary, who sadly passed away in 2012. He created many fantastic images of characters and interesting worlds using Cinema 4D.

On a personal note, I remember when I first saw Peter's car image, which amazingly, was all the way back in 2003. Many of us aspire to create an awesome car render, and although I was already a big fan of Peter's work, I was awestruck that this was his first ever car. I recall he was not keen to do another car any time soon! You can see his strive for perfection and attention to detail in many of his images.

Now, back to three-point lighting. This is not a particularly complicated technique to learn, and the tutorial in Cinema 4D's help system does a great job teaching it. Take a look at the movie below, where I walk you through the technique and also share with you some further tips on fine-tuning your renders using multi-pass rendering.

Hopefully, you now know all about three-point lighting. It's a technique that should serve you well for many years to come. As you can see, you can get some nice results pretty fast from it, and you can use it time and time again.

If you've not got access to the scene file in your version of Cinema 4D, you can grab the latest trial version on the link below. Simply install the help system and then follow along to my movie above.

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