Seven More Short Films Made With Cinema 4D

VersusIn April, we took a look at seven of our favourite short films made by small teams or a single artist using the 3D animation software Cinema 4D. But we couldn't squeeze them all into one post. Here are seven more!

There are many reasons why Cinema 4D is used for shorts. The main thing is, it's the artist-friendly 3D animation tool that can do it all. That means a huge feature set, including tools for polygon modelling, character animation, dynamics simulations, VFX, motion tracking, motion graphics, title sequences, matte painting, 3D painting, photorealistic rendering, toon rendering...

But as well as having a massive number of features, Cinema 4D is known for its ease of use, intuitive interface, great connections to tools like After Effects and Photoshop, and rock-solid stability.

Hooked (2012)

Vienna-based Cybertime celebrated its tenth anniversary by creating a short film with a character that would be challenging to animate. Two legs? Not difficult enough. Four? Nah...

How about an octopus with eight tentacles and an incredible amount of free movement? And what about the lip-synching? Speech is too easy...

For a look behind the scenes of this technically demanding short, watch the Making of Hook.

Floating (2014)

Floating is a great example of how 3D software can help any idea come to life. The short is about a lonely character made out of balloons that really tugs at your heartstrings.

Filmmaker Greg Jardin based Floating on an idea he'd had for a music video a few years earlier. Back then, Greg felt he lacked the technical know-how to make the music video that was in his mind. But that changed when he became interested in Cinema 4D and acquired the new skills and confidence to create a film of his vision.

Check out The Making of Floating at Computer Graphics World.

A Single Life (2014)

What if you could skip through time using a vinyl record? That's the interesting premise of Job, Joris  Marieke's A Single Life, which has picked up over 40 awards at animation festivals around the world. The delightful short was also nominated for an Oscar.

Check out the case study on

VERSUS (2016)

At MAXON we are big fans of ManvsMachine's amazing work and in 2016 we commissioned them to create a short that used a lot of the new features in Cinema 4D Release 18. You can see this movie above. The project started off as being about the company's name, ManvsMachine, but ultimately morphed into being about nature, animals, and conflict!

For more info check out the VERSUS article on Stash. And find out how ManvsMachine created these effects in the 45-minute VERSUS talk from IBC 2016.

Beyond the Moment of Beauty - Into the Galaxy (2017)

Stunning landscapes including waterfalls and the Northern Lights strongly influenced the artistic style of Takayuki Sato's beautiful short. The film explores a journey to find the moments of beauty within a unique, stylized universe.

"In this work, I wanted to apply the new skills I had attained over the past few years. The challenging part was putting the images in my mind’s eye to film", says Sato.

Read more.

Ocular (2017)

David Brodeur’s short film Ocular was the eye-catching winner of the Motion Response Award at Pause Festival 2017. I really love how natural the organics look. It's a reminder of how far 3D software has come since the early days when it comes to organic things, with features such as sub-polygon displacement, subsurface scattering, complex layering of shaders, cloning, dynamics, and much more making this type of work easier to create.

"We live in a place so filled with artificial mass that it is difficult to decipher what is natural and what is man-made," says David regarding the creative idea behind Ocular.

Find out more in this Creators article.

Ugly (2017)

Ugly is an 11-minute short film by Nikita Diakur that celebrates "ugly dynamics." What is ugly dynamics? It's when you use dynamics and things go wrong, like characters tumbling over. Or worse!

In the film, an ugly cat struggles to coexist in a fragmented and broken world, eventually finding a soulmate in a mystical Native American Indian chief.

"You can do all sorts of crazy things with dynamics," says Nikita. "More often, actually, you are responsible for what's broken." Nikita welcomes bugs too when they lead to a crazy but interesting effect, and found it unfortunate when MAXON fixed one such bug with Hair!

Ugly has been picking up awards including Grand Prize, Independent Short Animation, at the Ottawa International Animation Festival 2017.

Read The Beautiful Side of Ugly on Cartoon Brew.

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