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One growth area for 3D graphics in recent years is creating exciting visuals for live performances. If you'd like to check out how the 3D animation software Cinema 4D is being used here, come along to Splice Festival, being held in London on May 10-13, 2018.

Known for being artist-friendly and having an intuitive interface, Cinema 4D is a popular choice for this type of work. Want exciting 3D visuals that synch perfectly to the music? That's what Cinema 4D's Sound Effector was born to do!

You can find out how these cool 3D animation visuals are put together in a three-hour Cinema 4D workshop being held at the event on May 11. You'll see numerous practical examples and how it's done in Cinema 4D. Places for the workshop are limited and ticket prices are very affordable. Please book below ASAP, if you'd like to attend.

As well as the tech, there are great performances covering the latest trends in the audiovisual performing arts. Projects include live cinema, AV remixing and VJing alongside other performative work, such as digital theatre, projection mapping, visual music, generative software, creative coding, experimental music and work that uses old and new technology in engaging ways.

What Is Splice Festival?

Splice Festival is an audiovisual performing arts festival based in London. It's been around since 2016, and the third event is taking place on May 10-13, 2018.

Splice has been designed to encourage the open exchange of ideas and information, producing and showcasing groundbreaking performances from both emerging and established artists.

At its core, the festival’s programme explores the overlapping fields of audiovisual art and culture through a collection of live performances and projects.

Splice's educational programme features a range of workshops, talks, panel discussions and networking events, and, new for 2018, they have added a kids and family section featuring a hands-on workshop and performance.

Splice Festival Tickets Info

Splice Festival forms the UK branch of Creative Europe’s AV Node Network, a large-scale project which partners 13 art and technology festivals across 12 European countries to promote and support the work of emerging audiovisual artists.

How is Cinema 4D Involved WITH SPLICE?

Although it's hard to know the toolset of all artists at a festival, I know that at least two of the featured artists craft their visuals with the aid of Cinema 4D: Colin Sebestyen & Zoë Mc Pherson.  Also, very cool is Colin is running a three-hour workshop on May 11, where you can learn about how he makes his imagery using Cinema 4D.

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3D animation software, such as Cinema 4D, allows creative artists so many options when it comes to imagery to compliment sound. In 3D software, you're not bound by any real-life limitations or access to subjects to film. You can create anything and animate it any way you like, to any level of realism.

Cinema 4D is a popular choice for 3D animation to compliment sound, thanks to its ease of use, intuitive toolset and workflow with other creative apps such as Adobe After Effects. Cinema 4D's MoGraph and simulation tools are very popular for artists looking to create interesting graphics to compliment sound. Indeed, there's a particularly nice tool in Cinema 4D called the Sound Effector, which lets you use sound to move or manipulate 3D objects in many different ways. That was used for the short movie above.

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If you'd like to have a go with Cinema 4D yourself, you can grab a FREE 42 day trial on the link above. As well as the download file, we'll send you some handy getting started tutorials to get you up and running real-fast.

Colin Sebestyen's VJ Set & Cinema 4D Workshop

If you're a Cinema 4D user, you may well have heard of Colin Sebestyen, as he has presented at various shows on the MAXON stand. Colin is a great artist who creates work on both the visual and sound side. The movie above shows off some of his work, but what's really nice is Colin decided to share the source files of all of the scenes in the above reel to help others learn. What a great guy! Grab the files on the link below.

Get Movecraft Demo Reel Files

Colin is performing a VJ Set on May 11 and also he's running a three-hour Cinema 4D workshop. The workshop only has 20 places, so be quick if you want to go. You'll need your own laptop and Cinema 4D installed on your machine to follow along, but the session is a bargain at £21.55 a place! Grab your place and find out more on the link below.

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Colin also made the latest promo reel for the show, which you can see on Splice Festival's Facebook page.


Zoë Mc Pherson's work was new to me when I learnt about Splice Festival, but the festival organisers tell me that the above movie makes use of Cinema 4D. Alessandra Leone directed the movie and the 3D animation was created by Andreas Barden.

You can see Zoë's AV performance of String Figures on Saturday, May 12. A trans-global art project, an audiovisual album in seven chapters and live AV concert utilising a film directed by Alessandra Leone, String Figures is an otherworldly journey exploring the liminal space between organic and electronic, traditional and contemporary, ancient and digital worlds. A continuous weaving of strings approached with hypnotic sounds, mathematical choreography, subliminal landscapes and ethereal journeys.

Book Tickets To Splice Festival 2018

There are loads more artists at Splice and various things to learn about and experience. You can see all ticket options and schedules on the link below.

Splice Festival Tickets Info

Splice Festival has various options for single workshops, days or multiple days, so check out the link above to see what fits your schedule. It looks like a very interesting event.

Naturally, my interest in the event is driven by Cinema 4D's usage for the visual side of things. It's always fascinating seeing what artists create in the software. You can see some more examples below on our UK motion graphics reel. And if you fancy a go yourself, you can grab a free trial at the bottom of this post.

Try Cinema 4D 3D Software For Yourself

Easy to use, powerful, stable and fast. We think Cinema 4D is the best artist-friendly software for 3D animation. If you'd like to try out Cinema 4D and have a go with all the powerful features on offer, then be sure to grab yourself a free trial. The trial gives you access to virtually all of Cinema 4D's features and you can also opt to activate it for 42 days of save functionality. Simply fill out the form on the link below to get started!

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