Professional 3D Software For £40 a Month

Professional 3D Price Breakthrough

Whilst there are budget solutions out there, professional 3D software normally requires an initial investment of at least several hundred pounds. We're about to change all that. We have made Cinema 4D R19 Prime available on our Short-Term Licence scheme for as little as £40 ex VAT per month.

What Can Cinema 4D Do?

Cinema 4D is 3D animation software that's used to create any imagery imaginable. Artists tend to look to 3D to create images that are too expensive or impossible to create in real life. Nowadays, 3D software including Cinema 4D can create imagery that's so realistic, it's really hard to tell what's real and what's not! For a taste of Cinema 4D's capabilities, check out our general reel above.

What is Cinema 4D Prime?

Cinema 4D R19 Prime

Rather unique to Cinema 4D in the 3D software industry, is the range of versions, which allow you to pick a toolset that best suits your needs. It all starts with Prime, which contains a large array of tools that we think are key to any 3D artist.

Cinema 4D Prime provides a wide selection of tools including those required for modelling, materials and texturing, lighting, animation, cameras, UV editing, scripting, and so much more. If you're starting out in 3D, then Prime may be all you ever need. But if you ever need to go further, you can simply upgrade to one of the other versions.

Whilst in theory you can do pretty much any task in Prime, the other versions contain tools which make some tasks much easier to achieve. For example, the physics engine in Studio can automate the calculations of objects colliding with each other, which means you don't have to manually animate the interactions.

Why start with Prime?

3D software is a considerable investment of time and money. Cinema 4D contains thousands of features. So much so, that I think that a typical user uses around 10% of the entire toolset on offer. Part of the reason for that is different tools appeal to different users, and what a games artist requires is often very different to what a motion graphics artist requires. But the main reason is the product feature set is just so big!

One thing I like showing any potential customer who wonders how powerful Cinema 4D is, is the Customise Commands section (in Cinema 4D, choose "Window / Customization / Customise Commands..."). Then get scrolling... for a long time! And then think that each of those commands often has a bunch of attributes. This always stuns users because the product is very artist friendly and fast to pick up, so some wrongly assume the product can't be that powerful. But believe me, the power is there when you're ready to delve deeper.

Cinema 4D Prime Commands

I think any new user to the software should start by focusing on Cinema 4D Prime's toolset first. Not only is it smaller, but you're then ensuring that your focus is kept on learning the fundamentals, before getting distracted by the advanced.

Why Go with Cinema 4D over Other 3D Software?

Cinema 4D has many selling points. But above all comes how intuitive it is to work with. Artists find Cinema 4D very friendly and approachable. The software is easy to learn and the workflow is efficient and speedy. This ensures that you can churn out far more work with Cinema 4D than you can with many other 3D applications. Cinema 4D is the artist-friendly 3D tool that packs a punch.

Cinema 4D is also renowned for stability, a powerful range of tools and tight workflow with other creative applications, including Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and Photoshop, Apple Final Cut Pro, The Foundry Nuke, and many more.

Why Go with a Short-Term Licence?

Until the 10th October, 2017, the cheapest offering we had to get a complete 3D application was Cinema 4D R19 Studio Short-Term Licence. Priced at £480 for a 3-month licence, that still works out as quite an investment. It's money you have to think about spending. But with Prime, you can get 3 months access for £120 ex VAT, or 6 months for £210 ex VAT. That's as cheap as £35 ex VAT per month, which is exceptionally good value for professional 3D software.

MAXON also has a scheme which lets you upgrade to the perpetual licence plus MAXON Service Agreement (MSA) - which includes upgrades for 12 months - where you get 75% of your short term licence fees off of the upgrade! So, this lets you have the appeal of short-term low costs for entry, and long-term low costs, if you ever want to.

Cinema 4D Prime Buying Options

Cinema 4D Prime

You can purchase Cinema 4D Prime as a short-term licence for as little as £35 ex VAT a month. Or you can go for a perpetual licence for £650 ex VAT. On perpetual, a big selling point is you own the licence and running costs long term are much cheaper, because the MSA, which keeps your software up to date, is currently just £145 ex VAT a year. So in the long term, perpetual works out very cost effective.

Buy Cinema 4D Prime Short-Term 

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