Post-Show Report - Splice Festival 2018

Splice Festival 2018As someone who loves 3D animations synched to sound, I was already interested in Splice Festival, which is all about the audiovisual arts. Then I found out that Colin Sebestyen was running a workshop there on how to use Cinema 4D to create audiovisual motion graphics for live events, festivals and music videos. I was lucky enough to attend and learn the incredible ways in which he works using the MoGraph Sound Effector.

Cinema 4D AV Scene
Stour Space

Cinema 4D Workshop Thoughts

The location: East London. Known for its creative arts spaces, Stour Space, Hackney, definitely did not disappoint. An open plan art gallery mixed with a lively café serving coffee, breakfast and beer on tap. Plus, where the workshop took place, an exposed mezzanine above the diners' heads.

With a diverse group ranging from complete beginners to very advanced users, Colin made sure to engage everyone who attended with his knowledge and great personality. After a short intro to Cinema 4D, for the first timers, he quickly dived into MoGraph and the Sound Effector.


With a simple setup using a cube, a Cloner and a Sound Effector, Colin showed us how the MoGraph Sound Effector (plus ".wav" sound file) could be used to control the movements of the cloned cubes. Focusing further on the Effector, he showed what the addition of decay could do to create a smoother animation as well as how changing the distribution modes could generate different looks.

Next, Colin explained how the amplitude attribute could be used to add or remove 'probes' which could target specific frequencies and hertz from within the sound track file.

After having a play with the Sound Effector using our own track files, we took a deeper look into the possibilities of MoGraph, this time with the Shader Effector. Colin demonstrated how you could create a custom noise shader to affect a cloned object then by adding an animation speed you had your very own animated noise shader affecting your Cloner.

I thought this was such a cool idea that would look amazing at a live event or during a DJ set. So I decided to create my own design using the Cloner, a custom noise shader plus the Sound Effector, and this was the outcome. I'll be creating a tutorial on this very soon!

Sound Effector Plus Noise Shader
Rich Mix

Colin's VJ Set Experience

Once the workshop was over, Colin explained that he was doing a live VJ set using Cinema 4D over at Rich Mix, Shoreditch, as part of Splice Festival 2018. I wasn't going to miss this, so grabbed myself an Uber and headed straight to Shoreditch. Still in East London, Rich Mix was another great location, with movie and art exhibition posters plastered on the walls; it really is a hub for London's creatives.

Colin's VJ set was playing on a huge projector on the front wall, over a mix of techno vibe, minor key synths and heavy reverb bass. Watching the fluid graphics and flowing animations, it almost transported you. I could see the use of Cinema 4D massively in his production; I observed the Cloner in use in many unique ways, the Voronoi Fracture tool, some low-poly modelling and much more of the MAXON Cinema 4D tools.

Colin's VJ Setup
Cinema 4D for VJ

Overall Thoughts About The Day

The entire day was extremely inspiring. Splice Festival is one I highly recommend for next year to any creative artist. Colin's workshop in AV using Cinema 4D was enlightening and educational in so many ways, and his live VJ set was a perfect and stimulating end to my East London trip. If you'd like to see some of Colin's work and learn a bit about him and how he works, check out his Movecraft site. Particularly cool about his site is you can get the source files of his demo reel for free and learn how he made his reel.

If you're interested in learning Cinema 4D and using it for your audiovisual motion graphics then download the trial below, or watch my tutorial on using the Sound Effector to create AV, which will be published soon!

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