Painting Practice Using Cinema 4D On Upcoming Watership Down

I recently found out that Painting Practice is heavily involved in the production of a new adaptation of Watership Down produced by 42 and Noam Murro's company: Biscuit Films. Painting Practice is making extensive use of MAXON Cinema 4D which, naturally, I'm delighted to hear. The animation is planned as a four-part series and is due to air on the BBC and Netflix, aiming to reach a worldwide audience.Watership-Down-Logo.jpg 

History of Watership Down

Watership Down tells the story of a colony of rabbits in search of a new home after the destruction of their warren. The 1978 film is remembered as both a masterpiece of animation and a violent reflection on the human relationship with nature, shocking viewers who believed the film would be aimed at children. The animation remains one of the few that highlights that such brutality happens and is very much part of nature. Watership Down pulls no punches, and this is one reason why the 1978 animation was so critically-acclaimed. In 2004, the magazine 'Total Film' named Watership Down as the 47th greatest British film of all time and it was also ranked 15th in the '100 Greatest Tearjerkers.’ 

The new adaptation features a stellar cast of actors including John Boyega, James McAvoy and Sir Ben Kingsley. Each will lend their voice to the rabbit characters created 45 years ago by Richard Adams, in his 1972 book.

How Painting Practice Is Involved

Painting Practice's involvement in the new production includes previsualisation work, construction of highly-detailed 3D proxy sets and props, concept design and matte paintings. The company has also developed numerous propriety plugins and scripts for previsualisation, including animation, detailed vegetation and cloners across huge areas. Painting Practice has around 25 artists working on the production, most of whom are using Cinema 4D.

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My Views

It's incredibly exciting to know that Cinema 4D is being used on the new adaptation of Watership Down. I remember watching the 1978 version as a child - I loved watching the animation, right up to the killing scenes, which were upsetting viewing. However, those scenes are a stark reminder that such things happen and that life isn't always as perfect as many TV productions portray. It will be very interesting to see how the new mini-series handles this aspect of the story. I have no doubt that Painting Practice will create some beautiful work in Cinema 4D that I hope will help to ensure this new animation will be just as revered as the original.

We will provide further information on Painting Practice's work on the new Watership Down mini-series after it has aired on the BBC and Netflix. 

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