Make a Cracking Easter Egg in Cinema 4D Using Voronoi Fracture

Easter Eggs

Whilst learning tools and techniques is fun on its own, sometimes it's nice to get stuck in with a little project. In this seasonal tutorial, you will learn how to make the most of one of Cinema 4D's newest features, the Voronoi Fracture, and make your very own cracking Easter egg! You'll be creating a painted egg a little like these delightful ones below.

Using Dynamics, you will add an explosive end to your animation, with your personalised Easter message.

Send this as an animated Easter card or upload to social media to wish everyone a Happy Easter!

Let me know how you get on by leaving a comment below.

How to Make a Cracking Easter Egg in Cinema 4D Using Voronoi Fracture

In this tutorial, you'll make a cracking Easter egg. To create the cracks, you'll use Cinema 4D R18's Voronoi Fracture tool.

You'll learn how to control where fractures appear using a MoGraph Selection. In this case, you'll create cracks across the middle of the egg.

Then you'll learn how to simulate the spread of the cracks over time.

To finish up the animation, you'll add 3D text that breaks its way out of the egg using Cinema 4D's Dynamics.

Along the way, you'll add painted stripes to the eggshell. You'll use the Stick Texture tag to stick the stripes onto the eggshell so that as pieces break off, the texture stays stuck to those pieces. You'll also add lighting and a clean background and render out the animation.

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