How Utilising 3D Can Hugely Improve Your Work

New technology can improve the work of even the most talented graphic designer. 3D animation has a lot to add to the outcome and experience of design work, no matter what the industry you’re doing it for. These are just a few of the ways it can help both improve the quality of your work, and develop your skills as a graphics or motion designer.


More realistic animation

The attention to detail, ease of movement and advanced tools and techniques you’ll find in 3D animation software enable the production of much more realistic and believable content. Many off-the-shelf programs now give even novice graphic designers the ability to produce lifelike animations from their bedrooms.

Reaching new heights

3D programs allow you to take your stories and themes to places they could never go in 2D. It might be a cliché, but it really is the case that the only limits to what you can do are in your imagination. Fantasy can become a reality and as a result, your work will really stand out from the crowd.

Demonstrating the versatility of what you can do

3D tools have the effect of letting your creativity loose while still producing realistic and credible work that doesn’t demand too much of an imaginative leap for the viewer. Anything you can imagine you can create with 3D; from engaging explainer videos, through to zooming into the detail of a car engine, right down to every individual piston.

Excitement levels go up a gear

Whether you’re working in the context of film or product marketing, using 3D tools in graphic design adds another, much more exciting, dimension to what you produce. A Gillette razor can resemble a jet plane, for example, and cars achieve sleek finish and smooth movement on impossible roads. If you really want to impress but your work has been missing that spark, then using 3D tools gives you much more to work with.

Differentiating what you’re making

The graphic design market is both crowded and incredibly competitive. Being able to differentiate what you’re producing is very important, so the skill level involved in creating 3D animation will instantly set you apart from others using recorded video or still images and graphics. If you want to make your work stand out, 3D is a reliable and effective way to do it.

Adding glamour and style

3D animation has that je ne sais quoi that regular design just doesn’t deliver at the same level. You only need to look at its use in the cosmetic and auto industries - two of the most glamorous sectors and also the biggest and most experienced users of 3D animation – to see the sparkle that it adds.

Upping engagement levels

3D animation scores big on many levels of engagement, from holding the attention of the viewer, to really connecting them with the message in the content. Web pages with video tend to have lower bounce rates and 3D animated content is instantly more shareable and fun. Engagement is one of the key qualities we look for now in content and utilising 3D animation gives you the chance to both impress and to deliver results.

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