How to Switch Between Cameras in Cinema 4D

How to Switch Between Cameras

In my career as a teacher, one Cinema 4D question that popped up frequently was: "How do you switch between cameras in an animation?" There's a neat little object in Cinema 4D that you can use for this purpose, and that is the Stage object. Its icon is a clapperboard.

You'll notice that in addition to a Camera field, the Stage object also has fields for Sky, Foreground, Background and Environment. Thus, you can also use the Stage object to switch between these other types of object. For an architecture animation, you could cut from a crisp morning sky to a deep red sunset. But no doubt about it, camera switching is the Stage object's number one use!

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How to Switch Between Cameras in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create multiple cameras and how to switch between them during an animation.

First, there's an overview of how to create, place and look through cameras. Next up, you'll use the Stage object to switch between cameras during an animation.

Cinema 4D is 3D animation software that is used for all kinds of artwork. It is regarded as one of the easiest to use professional 3D applications that can handle any 3D task.

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