How to Create Realistic Product Mock-Ups in Adobe Illustrator Using Cineware for Illustrator

Create Realistic Product Mock-Ups with Cineware for Illustrator

So you've designed your Illustrator artwork for a product. And now you want to send mock-ups to your client showing several variations of the design. Here's how you can create realistic mock-ups quickly and easily directly within Illustrator, using the free Cineware for Illustrator plugin.

Add Adobe Illustrator Artwork to 3D Objects with Cineware for Illustrator

Cineware for Illustrator uses the same powerful 3D engine as Cinema 4D, the most intuitive professional 3D application. Using the free plugin, you can import any Cinema 4D file (".c4d") into Illustrator and combine it with your Illustrator artwork. This gives you access to a huge number of 3D models to use directly within Illustrator. For example, TurboSquid has over 100,000 paid and free Cinema 4D models available!

Using Cineware for Illustrator makes for a quicker workflow than saving out your artwork and loading it up into a 3D app, and it doesn't require any previous 3D knowledge because the plugin is so easy to use.

In this 20-minute tutorial from Cineversity, you'll learn the basics of how to use Cineware for Illustrator. You'll import a Cinema 4D model of a mug and then you'll apply your Illustrator artwork of tropical fish to the mug. You'll learn how to create variations of the design within the same file, change the camera angle, focal length and more. You'll also learn where to find and how to use Cineware for Illustrator templates.

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Model a Coffee Mug in Cinema 4D

What if you want to create your own 3D models to use within Illustrator? To do this, you'll need a full version of Cinema 4D, which includes powerful modelling tools to create any shape.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a coffee mug in Cinema 4D, using the polygon modelling tools and subdivision surfaces object.

Prepare a Coffee Mug for Texturing within Cineware for Illustrator

This tutorial walks you through the steps of setting up your own Cinema 4D file in a way that makes it easy to apply artwork in Illustrator. You'll learn how to create a basic glossy material for the mug in Cinema 4D using reflectance and Fresnel. You'll then learn how to control the way the Illustrator artwork is wrapped around the mug, in a cylindrical manner.

Create a Cineware for Illustrator Template from a Cinema 4D File

Here you'll find some tips on creating your own Cineware for Illustrator templates. You'll create your own template for the coffee mug that looks similar to and works the same way as the Cineware for Illustrator templates available on TurboSquid.

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