How to Create and Animate Curtains in Cinema 4D


Cloth is quite a fun and useful part of Cinema 4D, as it allows you to get some lovely realistic-looking objects without necessarily having to spend hours tediously modelling them. Cinema 4D also has some easy-to-use tools that will let you create realistic cloth animation.

Having recently produced a few tutorials on cloth-related items, I was challenged to create a textured, openable, dynamic curtain. That's where things get a little more complicated as you then need to think about things like UV maps, where to anchor the cloth and how to avoid intersections. Like many things in 3D, it's easy when you know how. So, let's get cracking and in a mere 20 minutes, you'll be armed with the knowledge you need to make all things blowy and curtainy!

Wind? It's a Breeze...

First up, you need to have Cinema 4D Studio for this, as the cloth simulation engine is only available in this version. If you've not got Studio, but want to give this a whirl anyhow, grab a demo via the link below.

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In this tutorial, I look at how to produce curtains that close, react to the particle system's Wind object, and have a texture that stays fixed to the surface.

First, we look at a Plane object and apply a texture to it. Then we use a Cube object and Cloner object to produce the invisible curtain hooks.

We use the Cloth and Cloth Belt tags to add cloth dynamics to the object and attach selected points to the curtain hooks. We then use a Cloth object to add thickness to the curtain, and a Subdivision Surface object to smooth the object out.

Adding in a Wind object allows us to add wind separately without using the internal forces of the Cloth tag.

Hopefully, this gives you a good starting point to create your own dynamic curtains! If you want more help with cloth, then do check out our tutorials section on our YouTube channel below.

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