How AixSponza Used Cinema 4D To Promote Nike Tech Fleece


At FMX 2017, Aixsponza's Matthias Zabiegly kindly shared how they achieved the stunning promotional movies for Nike Sportswear - Tech Fleece. Cinema 4D 3D animation software was heavily involved, and you can watch the whole talk right here...

Aixsponza is pretty well known to a lot of Cinema 4D users. The company has been creating gorgeous animations since 2006 for big and small budgets. Watch anything from them and you're guaranteed to see something visually captivating. So, when someone from this company is kind enough to share some of the ways they craft their work, it's time to grab a cup of coffee, a notepad and get learning.

At the recent FMX show, Matthias Zabiegly from Aixsponza was the man speaking about their work for Nike Sportswear. The job was to promote Nike's Tech Fleece range - lightweight, yet warm clothing to keep the chill off when training on cold days.

Here's the promotional movie:

Making Nike Tech Fleece Visually Exciting

That's a challenge that has always been tough for any clothing manufacturer. When you're bound by traditional filming methods, there's only so much creativity to be had. But when you combine film footage with 3D motion graphics, then you have a winning combination.

Aixsponza are absolute master of fusing film footage with 3D elements. They've done this countless times. Their site is pretty cool as they give a nice breakdown on how each project develops, from concept to final. If you're interested in that, check out their projects section.

But if you want the detailed version, packed with invaluable tips, here's the 1 hour talk on how they created many of the elements you saw in the above movie:

How Cinema 4D was used to promote Nike Sportswear - Tech Fleece

The great thing about the above movie is you get to see exactly how many of the elements were made up. Nowadays, it's often hard to figure out what's real and what's not when you watch a promotional movie. In the case of the Techfleece movie, there are clearly filmed elements, but even so, it's still difficult to split out the CGI from the real stuff in places. And that's the sign of a really great piece of animation - perfect fusion of real-life and imagination.

Cinema 4D has been used to great effect to make Tech Fleece look exciting and dynamic. You can see that that movie owes much to 3D software. Naturally, you need talent and resources to use the software this way. Aixsponza has both in spades. Needless to say, we're delighted that they use our software!

If you've got Cinema 4D already, then hopefully you've learnt a lot from Matthias's talk. If you've not got the software, why not have a go yourself? Cinema 4D is surprisingly easy to get to grips with. Grab a 42 day FREE trial below!

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