Getting Started With Cinema 4D's Character Builder


Character animating is one of the most popular job roles in the animation industry, but before you can animate you need to have a rig! Cinema 4D's Character Builder speeds up the process. Here's how it works...

Rigging a character is (in my opinion) one of the least fun parts of that process. But with Cinema 4D’s Character builder, this sometimes tedious task actually becomes rather a joy! You'll need Cinema 4D 3D animation software to follow along with this tutorial series. If you've not got it yet, scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can grab a FREE 42 day trial.

In this set of tutorials, I explore the Character Builder in all its glory.

I've broken this series down into each of the individual templates, so you can either look through the whole lot in bitesize chunks, or skip to the template that most interests you.

I hope this beginner’s guide to the Character Builder helps you out and lets you leap forward with your own Character design and rig!

An Introduction To Cinema 4D's Character Builder  

A quick look through all the different templates available.

Character Builder Advanced Biped Rig 

An exploration through both the standard and advanced Biped setup.

Character Builder Quadruped Rig

A gallop through the quadruped rig.

Character Builder Bird Rig

A flying glance at bird rig and the effect dynamics can have on the wings.

Character Builder Fish Rig

A dive into the fish rig and how it can self-animate.

Character Builder Insect Rig

Get a buzz from exploring the insect rig and it’s animatable wing features!

Character Builder Reptile Rig

A quick scurry through the reptile rig.

Character Builder Wings Rig

Not to be beaten, here we look at Cinema 4D's Character Builder's Wings Rig. 3 various wing rigs for all your high flying friends!

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