Creating Realistic Cinema 4D Materials With Texturemaat


There are many ways to create materials in Cinema 4D and one great option is to use Texturemaat. This is a set of native Cinema 4D shaders which gives you 348 handy materials for just £35 ex VAT.

What is a Cinema 4D Shader?

A shader uses a variety of calculations to produce a material. So rather than using an image of a real-life material, a shader gives you a variety of options, which you can use to make a material. Cinema 4D contains a bunch of shaders, and when you know what you're doing with them, you can create a huge number of materials.

Shaders have another handy benefit in that you can render scenes out at any resolution and they won't ever pixelate. This makes them very handy for large renders.

However, it can be quite daunting to make materials using shaders, given the mass of options you have at your disposal. Here's where Texturemaat can help. With it, you get a great set of materials which you can adapt further, if you ever need to. In the lead image and the examples below, you can see a few of the shaders from Texturemaat applied to some models.


What is Texturemaat?

Developed over a period of five years, Texturemaat is a library of 348 high-quality procedural textures for Cinema 4D. From lush grass to veined ice to machined steel, these materials cover a variety of tricky surfaces and are ready to use immediately in your 3D scenes.

Previously sold at, which is now closed, this superb collection of textures was acquired by MAXON UK in 2015. We have reorganised the materials into a Content Browser library for convenient drag and drop into your Cinema 4D scenes. The library is split into twelve categories: Brick, Concrete, Grass, Greeble, Ice, Landscape, Marble, Metal, Sea, Sky, Space and Stone. Here's an example showing some of the brick shaders:


Being procedural, these textures can handle detailed high-res output, take up only a small amount of hard disc space and can be adjusted quickly using sliders.

Texturemaat shaders are dead easy to use. Simply drag and drop them on to your objects and you're good to go. You can tweak things like colours, amount of tiling very simply too.

Perhaps best of all is the price. We've kept it at a very attractive £35, which is just over 10 pence per shader. And as they are procedural, you can quickly make your own variations of the 348 shaders.

To use Texturemaat, you'll need to own Cinema 4D R16 or above.

Where to Buy Texturemaat

You can find more info about Texturemaat and buy it on the link below.

Visit Texturemaat Shop Page 


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