Creating A Temple Ruin Scene With Cinema 4D

creating a temple ruin scene in Cinema 4D

I have a particular fascination with history, so the idea of a fallen temple scene easily popped into my head. Here, I'll show you how to create such a scene in Cinema 4D. I wanted to create a scene that showed a fallen temple surrounded by trees, lit by a setting sun.

Using a variety of different tools within MAXON’s Cinema 4D R18 and a free IvyGrower plugin, I’ve been able to put something together in a relatively short period of time that I think you may enjoy following along.


A brief overview of what the tutorial will entail.

Modelling The Columns

You will use some preset splines and Cinema 4D’s Loft object to create a column. You will then use the Cloner object to easily create copies and position them.

Smashing The Column

You will use the Voronoi Fracture tool in Cinema 4D’s R18 version and a quick Dynamics setup to smash one of the columns on the ground.

Adding The Ivy With IvyGrower

Using the free IvyGrower Cinema 4D plugin, you will grow a variety of ivy across the columns.

Texture, Light & Render

Using Cinema 4D’s Architectural grass, you will add grass to the ground and then using preset textures, backgrounds and sky, you will quickly transform this scene into the foggy, hazy scene you can see in the picture at the top of this page.

How Did You Get On?

Let me know how you get on by leaving a comment. It would be awesome to see what you have done, so why not tweet us your image to @Cinema4Duk on Twitter.

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