Cinema 4D UK and Ireland Reels 2017

Cinema 4D UK Reels 2017

Today sees the launch of the new Cinema 4D UK and Ireland reels for 2017. Read on to see them…One of the parts of my job that I enjoy the most is seeing the amazing 3D graphics and animations our customers make with Cinema 4D. Whilst we regularly get informed about new examples of the software in action, we get a massive influx of fantastic work when we ask for clips for the Cinema 4D demo reels. All of a sudden, we start to discover graphics that we didn't even know were made in Cinema 4D. For example, this year I watched ‘The Island With Bear Grylls,' but I had no idea that the intro graphics were made in Cinema 4D. I do now!

I've been with the company since 1999 and what's refreshing in this industry compared with many others, is that the work continues to get more and more impressive. Naturally, the gulf in quality between 1999 and now is huge! What was jaw-dropping then, is pretty basic now. And even though I've seen countless examples of animation over the years, I still get impressed with the work year after year.

Cinema 4D Motion Graphics Reel 2017 - UK and Ireland

We've added many tools since the old days, but Cinema 4D still remains remarkably easy to use, given the huge feature set that it offers. We hear time and again from new and existing users that Cinema 4D is so fast and easy compared to most 3D applications. That's a huge compliment when you consider how much more complex the software is since its creation over 25 years ago.

That ease of use and feature set means that 3D artists can tackle a wide variety of jobs. We have customers specializing in specific areas, such as motion graphics or product design, or generalists who can create a building visualization one day and a cartoon dog the next. You can see some of the variety of the work in the reels created.

Due to the sheer amount of footage submitted for this year, we have two reels. One focusing on motion graphics, which is an area where Cinema 4D dominates. Most TV studios now use the software, and so too do many supporting companies that work with them.

Cinema 4D General Reel 2017 - UK and Ireland

Cinema 4D's toolset and ease of use also means you can create pretty much anything that you can imagine. Buildings, cartoon characters, products, titles, stings, games, you name it, Cinema 4D can do it. For that reason, we also end up with a great variety of animation. This we put in the general reel as it gives a good idea of what you can do in the software.

We've all been excited in the office by the work created by our customers and we'd like to publicly thank all the wonderful artists and companies who have kindly contributed to the reels. Naturally, without them, we'd have no reels to show!

As you can see from the reels, the work that can be achieved in Cinema 4D is outstanding. And whilst R18 has been a strong release, I've also seen some of the features planned for upcoming releases. The future looks bright, and I'm confident that we'll continue to see results get even more jaw-dropping in the future.

Cinema 4D Product Viz Reel 2017 - UK and Ireland

Cinema 4D is an excellent choice for 3D product visualisation. Whether you need to create everything from scratch, or you just want to make your product designs from other apps look fantastic, Cinema 4D can help.

Cinema 4D can be used to create pretty much anything and that includes products. You can create entire scenes from scratch or import scenes from other applications, such as SolidWorks or SketchUp, and use Cinema 4D for texturing, lighting, rendering and animation.

Cinema 4D gives so many options for product visualisation that your only limitation is your imagination. You can create any scene or effect you can imagine to make sure your work stands out from the crowd. As Cinema 4D is truly general-purpose, professional 3D software, you're not bound by a look that is the same as many others, which can be said of results from certain 'drag and drop content' 3d apps. With Cinema 4D, you have full control over every aspect of your scene creation, enabling you to ensure your work remains truly unique.

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