Cinema 4D UK and Ireland Reels 2018

Cinema 4D UK & Ireland Reels 2018

One of the coolest things about working at MAXON is getting to see the great work that our customers do using our 3D animation software Cinema 4D. There's amazing work in the fields of motion graphics, VFX for film, product visualisation, architecture, video games, and so much more. It's really varied.

That's partly because of Cinema 4D's ease of use, huge toolset and a lot of ways to get your work in and out of other apps. And with R20, we've just added new CAD import options: SolidWorks, STEP, Catia, JT and IGES files. I am very excited to see what kinds of product shots will be made in the UK & Ireland in the coming months.

It's also great to see the creative ways in which Cinema 4D's features are used. Product animations particularly caught my eye this year. Not just slick camera moves around products, but a rugby shirt being woven and stitched before your eyes! Or a robot unboxing a smart phone. How cool is that? For the coming year, I'm especially looking forward to seeing how our customers use the ridiculously powerful Fields feature for motion graphics. Check out this early Fields example.

And we are increasingly seeing Cinema 4D being used as a hub to pull together the combined power of multiple graphics applications. It's at the heart of many production pipelines today, playing friendly with other tools on top of its well-known stability. Cinema 4D is "as stable as a healthy elephant," one UK magazine review once said about Cinema 4D, and it still applies today.

Chirs Cousins - Side Effects

One such hub example on the reels is Side Effects, by Chris Cousins. Chris used Houdini and TurbulenceFD, did some modelling in Autodesk Fusion360 to create machine components, and used X-Particles. Chris says, "The strength of Cinema 4D in this project was its underrated ability to act as a solid 'hub' application, holding mesh data from multiple apps, integrating particle and fluid effects, materials from Substance resources, animated meshes and Redshift proxy objects without scenes ever becoming unmanageable." Keep an eye out for a story on this animation, an almost instant Vimeo Staff Pick, coming soon...

Although we see lots of great 3D animation throughout the year, we get an extra shot when we ask for clips for the Cinema 4D UK and Ireland demo reels. We would like to thank all the great artists and companies who kindly contributed to the reels. I would also like to thank my colleague at MAXON, Sharon Kay, who manages the UK and Ireland demo reel submissions and customer stories.

If we missed your work this year or you are working on a new project and you'd like to tell us about it, please email us at

Cinema 4D Motion Graphics Reel 2018 - UK and Ireland

Motion graphics is an area where Cinema 4D dominates. You'll find Cinema 4D used in most TV studios. For one, there's the MoGraph tools, which also combine with many other parts of Cinema 4D, giving you a tremendous amount of creative options. Then there's the great multi-pass workflow with other apps, such as Adobe After Effects. And stability is key when you have tight deadlines.

One long-term customer used to tight deadlines whose work is featured on the reels is Sophia Kyriacou. Sophia has been using Cinema 4D since around 2001, when she redid the titles for the BBC's Liquid News programme. "It's been a major tool in my workflow. It's just very, very intuitive," says Sophia. Check out one of Sophia's projects with a tight deadline in The Numbers Game.

Over in VFX for film, time was also tight for Territory Studio considering the huge volume of work they produced for Blade Runner 2049: more than an hour of animated content that was delivered to production or distributed to the other VFX vendors for incorporating into their shots. Creative Lead Peter Eszenyi points to "the ease of use and the speed and stability of Cinema 4D that allowed us to experiment whilst being able to keep to the tight deadlines." Find out more in our Blade Runner 2049 story.

And although most customers typically use perhaps 10% or less of Cinema 4D's massive toolset, Ink and Giants made use of the variety of tools on offer for their imaginative work for BBC Proms, which you can read about in Musical Chairs. Having employed instancing, MoGraph deformers, the Hair system, cloth dynamics, XRefs and XPresso for automation and rigging, Alembic caching, the sculpting toolset and the Standard renderer, the BBC Proms title sequence and promo left few parts of the app untouched.

Cinema 4D General Reel 2018 - UK and Ireland

We're always finding out about new areas where Cinema 4D is used. With its ease of use, lots of import and export options and a ton of tools to create anything you can imagine, Cinema 4D is a flexible app that gets any job done.

John Hill, Creative Director at Vincent Studios, says "For us, Cinema 4D is one of the quickest, most intuitive and creative tools around. You can do pretty much everything within a single application. MoGraph and Hair are fantastic modules and a great strength. Network rendering is easy to set up and reliable as well as easy to monitor. It's also very stable."

Cinema 4D Product Viz Reel 2018 - UK and Ireland

I was really struck this year by the creativity and volume of some of the Cinema 4D work being done for products. Take PHM Studios' work for Volvo, for example. The renders are gorgeous and what really wowed me is how much of it there is: over 100 high-quality animations, averaging about 45 seconds each!

And it was great to see the latest projects from CMG Designs, such as for safety tools for oil rigs, which you can read about in Making Light Work Offshore. Haven't got a helicopter to fly the viewer to the oil rig? Do it in Cinema 4D!

One thing that I noticed in this project was that there was quite a bit of character animation, which I had not seen before from CMG Designs. "The big challenge for us was the character animation," says Cian McGrath, owner and lead animator of CMG Designs.

"We have animated characters in the past where the movement required was minimal. This animation, however, required 16 characters to walk several steps before placing objects like containers and drill pipes into position with the safety tools… We just needed to figure out how best to animate a rigged character, but now that we have it won't be an issue for the next project that requires character animation. Because we didn't have to fight with Cinema we were able to meet the deadline. It's very robust and intuitive."

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