Simple Character Build & Animate Using CMotion in Cinema 4D

In previous tutorials, I have looked at the Character Builder in Cinema 4D, and shown you how simple it is to create powerful and complex rigs quickly.


In this short tutorial, I look at how to build a simple biped rig, model a (terrible) character, and then animate it using Cinema 4D’s CMotion component.

I plough through the basics very fast (if you want to learn more about the Character Builder in general, check out:

I then model a very simple 3D character, which I then bind, weight and animate.

But even with this very simple model, the Character Builder and CMotion work wonders in bringing it to life in no time at all.

I hope that you pick up some useful tips and tricks, and that it opens some doors up to you for character animation.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to build and animate a very simple biped character in Cinema 4D. In just 15 minutes, you'll see what it takes to go from nothing to a character walking across your screen.

That is modelling, rigging and animating done in 15 minutes, with no speed up or steps skipped.

For this reason, the character built is incredibly simple and the motion is very basic. It needs refining, but we hope that you will be surprised by how quick it is to take your first steps in building, rigging and animating characters in Cinema 4D.

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