Secondary Motion with Soft IK in Cinema 4D

One of the most useful principles of animation is that of Secondary Motion. This is the reminder that "other things" occur when something moves, be it movement of hair as a head moves, movement of clothes as a character moves, or movement of a little wire that ripples as a tiny bouncy lamp makes its way across the screen.

Soft IK

Trying to animate that sometimes, however, can be a pain. Thanks to something called Soft IK, this can take some of the work out of it.

Inverse Kinematics allows you to control characters easily, so you move the hand and the arms follow, putting itself in the correct position. Soft IK allows you to move a parent object and the rest can catch up eventually.

In this tutorial, you'll look at how to create Soft IK, and how it can be applied to a character.

First, you'll produce your character from a Sphere, using Extrude to give it details and a Subdivision Surface to smooth it out. You'll add a little bit of colour to make it stand out.

Then, using the Joint Tool, you'll create the necessary joints for your character, then bind them together.

Creating an IK Chain comes next, followed by adjusting the settings in the Dynamics tab to allow you to get that perfect secondary motion.

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