How to UV Unwrap a Human using Relax Tools


Anyone who's seen any of my other videos that involve UV Mapping will note that I normally just throw things wherever because I know Cinema 4D can pick up the slack. Sometimes however, that's just not good enough and you need a map that can be used in other programs. So today I take a look at the relax commands in Cinema 4D.

don't stress, relax!

UV Unwrapping can be a fiddly process, pressing a multitude of buttons, realigning a plethora of points all to take your lovely character and make it look like it's been run over by a bus.  But it's how clean it looks AFTER it's been run over that makes all the difference.

This particularly applies to anyone in the gaming industry, where UV Mapping and space count for a lot.

In this tutorial, I quickly look at the underlying principle of UV unwrapping, what to select, where to put seams and how to unwrap it!

First, we look at the three main things we need to select; UV Polygons, Edges and UV points.

We start with the head by selecting its polygons, then choosing where the seams are using the edges, fix some points to keep it roughly the same and then unwrap.

There are a couple of different algorithms that are available within Cinema 4D, LSCM and ABF. Now whilst ABF is the more modern, it is a tad slower, but is especially good at organic shapes. LSCM involves less distorted UV polygons, so they match their original shape better, but I've found they don't necessarily produce the best map.

In about 15 minutes I manage to get the basics of a simple humanoid character unwrapped.

Hopefully you can pick up some useful tips from this video and start the unwrapping of your own character.

Why not take it a stage further and look at how to paint your own character in BodyPaint 3D with this set of tutorials.

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