How to Use the Align To Spline Tag in Cinema 4D

Align To Spline

The Align To Spline tag in Cinema 4D is one of those things that once you know what it does, you want to know what all the rest do! The same applies to the Compositing tag, which we'll visit on another day.

If you want a train to chug along a track, or to fly a camera through a building, these are bread-and-butter tasks for this very useful tag. There is also a handy option to sort out automatic rotation of the object as goes around bends, etc.

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How to Use the Align To Spline Tag in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make objects, including cameras, travel along a spline path. This can be very useful for creating camera fly-throughs that are easy to adjust, as well as for things like a train chugging along a track.

First, you'll make a Cone object travel along a circle. You'll use the Tangential option to control the direction in which the cone is pointing as it moves around. Then you'll get a camera to travel along the same path.

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