How to Texture a House in Cinema 4D

Texture a House in Cinema 4D

So you've got your building model in Cinema 4D, but it is a single object and you need to texture it. How do you put different materials, like bricks, roof tiles and glass, onto different parts of the same object?

It's very easy once you know how. In the tutorial below, I'll guide you through the process. Once you've done this a few times, you'll find it becomes second nature. It's one of the first things to learn when you start using Cinema 4D for architecture.

How to Texture a House in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to texture a house in Cinema 4D that is made up of a single object.

You'll learn how to apply a material to selected polygons only, rather than to the entire object. To do this, you'll use the Set Selection command.

You'll also learn how to add or remove polygons from the selection.

And you'll learn how to adjust the way that materials are projected onto the polygons. You'll use a Flat projection for a roof tile texture, and Cubic projection for brickwork.

Along the way, you'll dip into Cinema 4D's Content Browser, which includes lots of useful materials for architecture.

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