How to Make Realistic Grass in Cinema 4D

How to Make Realistic Grass in Cinema 4D

When the grass is greener… Or yellower, or flatter, or spikier, or maybe contains a purple stripe right down the middle! Getting realistic looking grass has always been a bit of a fiddly challenge for people in 3D. Various plugins and methods have been created and dabbled in depending on what you want to create.

In these videos, I look at two different methods of creating grass within Cinema 4D.

Now, depending on what you are after, you should find a method that helps you out. Whether it’s for static images that give you a good sense of texture, or whether you are after responsive grass that reacts to the environment and objects, these videos should give you a guide to help you get the right results for you. Let me know how you get on in the Comments below!

How to Make Realstic Grass in Cinema 4D - Part 1/2

In this first video, you'll use Cinema 4D's Grow Grass tag, and explore the options that allow you to change the look of the grass, including its colour, length, width and how crinkled it is.

Next, you'll look at ways of managing the dispersal of grass on an object.

Finally, you'll examine how to change the colour of the grass using some form of texture.

How to Make Realstic Grass in Cinema 4D - Part 2/2

In this second video, you'll create a simple landscape object and use the Hair tag to create responsive grass.

You'll use a Turbulence simulation to help mimic wind.

To finish up, you'll apply dynamics tags to the landscape and a Hair Collider tag to the object, which allows the grass to react to the object.

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