How to Light an Interior in Cinema 4D

How to Light an Interior in Cinema 4D

Lighting a room scene realistically in 3D software can be daunting. There are render options here and there. Which ones should you use?

Whilst there's much to learn about architectural lighting, I hope you'll be encouraged when you see what a difference we can make to our scene in Cinema 4D with just ten minutes of setting things up!

How to Light an Interior

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to light a room realistically in Cinema 4D.

First, you'll open a room scene from the Content Browser. Then, you'll add a Physical Sky object to simulate natural light coming in through the room's windows.

Next, you'll get the windows to act as GI Portals (openings in walls through which light enters the room).

You'll switch on Global Illumination in the Render Settings so that the light will bounce and spread around the room realistically. And you'll switch on Physical Render for more accurate results.

Finally, you'll adjust a few of the Global Ilumination settings to ramp up the realism and prevent areas from harsh overexposure.

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