Create Realistic Waves in Cinema 4D Using HOT4D


You can do some really quick and powerful water simulations in Cinema 4D using the free HOT4D plugin. Everything is configurable: how choppy you want it, how foamy you want it, the look of the textures, and things like that. It's a great little plugin that you might like to check out.

How to Create Realistic Waves in Cinema 4D Using HOT4D

In this tutorial, you will use the free HOT4D plugin to create realistic-looking waves in the middle of an ocean.

Download HOT4D here:

You'll learn how to adjust how choppy the waves are, how much the waves bounce off each other, and so on.

You'll create your own realistic material for the sea.

Then comes the icing on the cake: you'll add foam to the waves, using vertex maps and a vertex map shader.

Well I hope this is a useful tutorial for you. I hope I have given you the starting point necessary to be able to play with this plugin and get some incredible effects. Please let me know how you get on with it in the comments below and please post a link to your animation. I'd love to see what effects you create using this little gem of a plugin!

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