How to Create Realistic Bricks in Cinema 4D


Modelling houses is quite a fun thing to do, spending time getting all those lovely details in, getting it perfect. Texturing it then sets it off a treat, giving you that wonderful finished look.

Hitting The Bricks…

One thing that a lot of people want to learn is how to get realistic bricks to help that process.

In this tutorial, I go through Cinema 4D’s Brick Shader and teach you how to use layering to give more realism and life to your brickwork.


We start by exploring the “Look” of the bricks, the colours for the bricks themselves, the grit and any dirt, if necessary.

Then we look at add displacement and the Brick Shader’s “Displacement Mode” option comes in very hand here.

Finally we look at adding in bump and giving some nice rough detail onto our surface.

We then test our brick shader using one of nice prebuilt houses from the Content Browser and adding some Global Illumination and Ambient Occlusion to our render settings.

All in all hopefully this stacks up to a useful tutorial, allowing you to build your brickwork from the ground up.

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