How to Create Hair, Fur and Feathers in Cinema 4D

How to Create Hair, Fur and Feathers in Cinema 4D

Getting started with Hair in Cinema 4D can be a hair-raising experience... So many options, so many buttons, but what's what? In this set of videos, I go through the various hair-related objects: Hair, Fur and Feather. Then we'll untangle the Hair Material settings, of which there are many. Once you get going with Hair, it's an incredibly powerful system that is also a lot of fun to use!

Hopefully these videos won't have you pulling your hair out too much, and if they do, you can simply superimpose some nice 3D Hair over the top instead!

How to Create Fur

In the first video, we go through the simplest option, which is fur. Not widely used any more, and when it was, it was largely used for creating grass! Now we have a grass button that does that for us!

How to Create Hair

The Hair object itself is quite advanced and has a lot of options associated with it. This video just goes through a few to help you get started, and some of the associated tools that allow you to get your best "do." Having integrated dynamics means you'll be whipping your hair back and forth in no time.

How to Create Feathers

The Feather object is an interesting one that has many more uses than just for feathers. With the Feather object, you're only a few clicks away from creating a realistic loo brush, now who wouldn't want that!?

Using the Hair Material

Finally, we look at the Hair Material itself. Now, this material is associated which all of the above and means that what you learn from this video should help you in all the others. There are a lot of options and I do my best to go through and explain what they are, and how they will effect your hair objects.

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