How to Create a Halloween Pumpkin in Cinema 4D

How to Create a Halloween Pumpkin

What Halloween would be complete with out a bit of pumpkin carving? Well, rather than get my desk (and hands) messy, I have decided to do my own 3D Halloween pumpkin in Cinema 4D. 

IT's about to get spooky

In this seasonal tutorial I look at how to go about modelling, texturing and rendering your own spooktacular Halloween pumpkin. 

Hopefully you can pick up a few tricks (or treats) through this set of videos that will aid you in not only this video, but others, especially the texture layering.


In this video, we look at how to start modelling our pumpkin.

We start with a simple sphere then use edge and polygonal bevelling to give us the ridges.

Using an FFD deformer allows us to warp the shape easily, then a bit of extruding gives us the stalk.

Using the Line Cut tool (R18 and above) we are able to cut into the pumpkin and remove the unwanted polygons.

After we have got the shape, we take a copy of the object to make the inside and using the Extrude and Stitch and Sew tools, we get the final base of our pumpkin, ready to texture.


In this video, we look at texturing our pumpkin.

Using a variety of different channels, we add in more randomly-generated rough texture, using a displacement map.

Then we add in some finer texture detail using the Bump channel.

Using the noise map we generated for the Bump channel, we use this in the Color channel to give our pumpkin its colour.

Adjusting settings with the Reflectance channel, we give the skin its waxy look.

After the outside of the pumpkin is textured, we look at adding in the flesh of the fruit and using Subsurface Scattering to give a bit more realism to the way it disperses light from inside.

Using the Physical Renderer and adding in Global Illumination as well as the Lightbox (Visualize Content Browser), we have a great scene setup to show off our new Halloween pumpkin.

Why not try going one step further and adding in a PoseMorph tag, bringing your pumpkin to life! Check out the PoseMorph QuickStart tutorial.

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