How to Create a Cartoon Christmas Pud


What Christmas table would be complete without a Christmas Pudding at its heart, dripping with cream, topped with a sprig of holly and occasionally burnt to a cinder with too much brandy...

Pud's in....

In this quite festive tutorial I look how to create yourself your very own Christmas Pudding, complete with holly! (though happily unburnt, Pyrocluster would take too much time at this point).

So sit back, relax and enjoy a quick tutorial using everything from Textures, Sculpting even Cloth to get your own Centre piece for your 3D Christmas Table. 

We start with a simple sphere and learn how to use layers of noise in the colour, bump and displacement channels to add some nice detail.

Then we look at how to utilise sculpting to create the roundness of the cream.

Using splines and extrude we create the basic shape of the holly branch and then use sculpting tools to manipulate the shape. With BodyPaint 3D we give the holly leaf some detail.

Finally, we create the holly berries and add them to the scene with some nice global illumination added from a physical sky.

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