How to Create a Bookcase in Cinema 4D Using Book Generator

How to Create a Bookcase in Cinema 4D Using Book Generator

Filling up bookcases in your scenes with books doesn't have to be a time-consuming task any more. Using the wonderful new Book Generator tool, you can fill up your library, office space or lounge in no time. Book Generator is available in Cinema 4D's Visualise and Studio Content Brower.

How to Create a Bookcase Using Book Generator

In this tutorial, you'll create a bookcase filled with books in Cinema 4D. You'll create a simple bookcase model, then add the books using the Book Generator. Cinema 4D R18 Studio or Visualize is required.

To create the bookcase model, you'll start with a cube, then use the Extrude Inner and Extrude tools.

Next, you'll work through the settings of the Book Generator in order to quickly populate it with a variety of books, magazines and folders.

Last up, you'll learn where the textures are to easily apply these to your books so that you have a finished bookcase in no time at all!

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