How to Create 3D Product Packaging in Cinema 4D With FoldMyDesign

Toy Box Folded MattProduct packaging visualisation is a big thing in the 3D world. Being able to see what it's going to look like before production begins is crucial in today's market. This useful tool allows you to take the net for your product and turn it into a 3D model with a few clicks of a button.

letting your ideas unfold

FoldMyDesign is a lovely helper object found within MAXON Cinema 4D's Content Browser for Visualize and Studio. It takes your Adobe Illustrator paths and converts them into separate splines. You then get a preview of how your ideas will unfold, or fold up!

It's a great tool that lets you use your own net design directly within Cinema 4D without having to remodel things. And as you can also animate the folding, you can turn your simple still into an interesting animation, like the tasty example above made in Cinema 4D by Martin Holroyd.

How to use FoldMyDesign

In this video, we look at how to use FoldMyDesign within Cinema 4D R19. Please be aware that FoldMyDesign is available in the Visualize and Studio versions only.

To start with, we look at how to export nets drawn in Adobe Illustrator and open them in Cinema 4D.

Then, we look at how to find FoldMyDesign and the process to turn your nets into a 3D foldable model.

We go through how to animate your model and, finally, add the textures of your product design to the net.

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