How to Bake Textures in Cinema 4D for Game Engines

How to Bake Texures in Cinema 4D for Game Engines

So a request that has come in to us via our Facebook page is for us to do a tutorial on baking out textures for game engines. So here it is! In this tutorial, I take a simple textured model and import it into both Unity and Unreal Engine. It’s a relatively simple process to achieve, and I hope I’ve managed to answer that question!

Producing convincing-looking textures in game engines is an art form in itself, but knowing how to set up your models to make that process easier is the aim of this tutorial.

I show you how to apply textures to different parts of a model, and then how to use the Bake Texture command within Cinema 4D to produce an image of your model's textures complete with UV map that will import fine into the game engines.

Then I export the model using Cinema 4D’s FBX Exporter and show how it can be imported into both the Unity and Unreal game engines.

If you have any questions regarding Cinema 4D, or ideas or requests for tutorials, then do please drop us a message, either on our Facebook or our Twitter page.

How to Bake Textures for Game Engines

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to export textured models from Cinema 4D to game engines.

First, you'll build a simple house model in Cinema 4D and texture it using C4D's procedural shaders. You'll then bake out these textures as a regular ".png" image that will import into game engines.

You'll save the model out from C4D as an ".fbx" file. Finally, you'll head into Unreal and Unity to import the textured house.

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