Cinema 4D Talks At NAB 2017


MAXON USA's stand at NAB 2017 hosted over 20 great talks by 3D artists using Cinema 4D. If you missed the show, the great news is you can watch them on Cineversity. Get the link here...

The NAB show is the world's largest annual convention encompassing the convergence of media, entertainment and technology. It's a great show for learning more about software and hardware and how it is used. MAXON USA has been exhibiting at the show for many years and always hosts fascinating talks on 3D software and its usage in various industries.

Go back several years, and it used to be the case that if you missed a show, you missed out entirely on all the great content presented. But nowadays, with live streaming and recordings, you can get to see a lot of great content wherever you are.

NAB 2017 Rewind On Cineversity

At the time of writing this blog, 24 talks are now available to watch for FREE on Cineversity, which is MAXON's online learning platform. The team at MAXON USA have also written an introduction to each talk and added some handy time point links on each talk, so you can get straight to the bits you want to see and hear about.

This year's talks cover a large range of topics including: 3D motion graphics, organic shape morphing, workflow techniques, tips and tricks, projection mapping, speed hacks, VFX, FUI creation and so much more. Best of all, the talks are all by 3D artists in various industries, focusing on how they work. There's no marketing or sales bull. So sit back, relax and learn from some of the best Cinema 4D users in the world.

See all the talks on the Cineversity NAB 2017 Rewind Here

Just before you go, would you like a bunch of handy resources for Cinema 4D? I've got a great PDF for you below, packed full of handy resources for Cinema 4D.

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