Cinema 4D R19 Favourite New Features

ProRender image by Glen Johnson

So with every new version of Cinema 4D comes a variety of different updates, changes and new features. Release 19 ships in September and I've had a lot of fun playing around with the new tools.

You can see just how much stuff has been put into our latest version over at You'll find some great demo movies there, plus a complete  R19 feature list.

But what I wanted to do here was pick out a few of my personal favourite new features in R19.

ProRender GPU Rendering

We're still working on full integration, but I've had great fun playing with ProRender and coming up with a few scenes / textures that you see in the video, my favourite being my dessert scene. For that one I also used the new inversion for Voronoi Fracture, to create the sugar dome very easily.

ProRender - Glen Johnson
ProRender - Glen Johnson
ProRender - Glen Johnson

ProRender is going to get better and better with new releases. Right now, it's already a great option for product viz shots and other stills, like you can see in these incredible images above from my fellow MAXONian, Glen "The Glenster" Johnson. Check Glen out on Twitter:

Please note that ProRender is not included in Prime. You'll need Broadcast, Visualize or Studio.

Voronoi Fracture Update

I loved the Voronoi Fracture object in R18, I thought it was wonderful, and now it's just got even more powerful. With so much more stuff you can do with it, the detailing, the connectors… glue!? This has to be a top new feature for me, especially when used with ProRender.

Viewport Improvements

Now this viewport update is nice. Really nice. It's so powerful and sleek giving some great effects without the need to even render. Depth of Field in the editor adds a whole new level to what I can imagine my images looking like when I produce my work.

Cinema 4D Viewport Enchancement. Image by Glen Johnson

Above you can see another great example from Glen Johnson. The editor view has come a long way in a few versions!

Polygon Reduction Generator

For someone who deals in 3D scanning, this little object is a thing of beauty. In just a few clicks I can lower the polygon count astronomically and still retain the general shape and texture. UVs, vertex maps and selection tags are preserved. This is going to make the manipulation of 3D scanned objects or heavy CAD data so much easier.

When you change the reduction strength it updates really quickly. It's now a generator, not a deformer, and it pre-calculates the reduction process, hence it's fast.

Spherical Camera

Now I'm quite a big fan of VR, so the ease of the new Spherical Camera is wonderful. I'll be throwing this in all of my old scene files and rendering so I can get a 360 view in my VR Headset!

Levels of Detail

No longer do I need to syphon through all my objects and change them individually every time I need them. This does it for me! Not only that, I can throw it into a game engine and it'll take it across, meaning game engine integration just got easier!

New Shortcuts

These new shortcuts are brilliant! It means that it's now so easy to add parents or children or groups. And, as you can see from the example, spline and generator creation just became a few simple clicks!

Highlight Features

This has been a really useful new feature, helping me get to grips with what's new in the latest version. With software changing so fast, it's really great to see at a glance what's changed between one version and the next.

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