Cinema 4D QuickStart


Although Cinema 4D 3D animation software is known for being easy to use, it can look a little bit overwhelming when you take your first steps. The good news is that Cinema 4D has a very intuitive interface, and once you know the lay of the land, you'll feel comfortable pretty quickly.

In these bite-sized videos, I'll guide you through some of the key aspects of using the Cinema 4D interface. You'll learn what the main windows do, how to navigate your 3D scene, how to move, scale and rotate objects, and more.

So grab a cup of coffee and a biscuit, and let's go for a spin!

Cinema 4D QuickStart 01: The Layout

In part 1, you'll take a quick look at the Cinema 4D interface and what each window is for.

Cinema 4D QuickStart 02: Changing the Layout

In part 2, you'll learn how to switch between layouts. The default Cinema 4D layout is geared towards general work, and there are further layouts for tasks such as modelling, painting, sculpting and animating.

You'll also learn how to create your own custom layout.

Cinema 4D QuickStart 03: Moving the Camera

In part 3, you'll learn how to move, dolly and rotate the camera. You'll learn two ways to do this: using the tools in the top-right of the viewport, and using the mouse combined with the 1, 2 and 3 keys.

Cinema 4D QuickStart 04: Changing the Viewport

In part 4, you'll learn how to change the viewport. You can switch between Perspective view, Top view, Front view, and so on, and choose whether you see a single view or split four views.

Cinema 4D QuickStart 05: Move, Scale and Rotate

In part 5, you'll learn how to move, scale and rotate objects.

Cinema 4D QuickStart 06: The Attribute Manager

In part 6, you'll take a look at the Attribute Manager. This is the main area where you can adjust settings, such as project settings, tool settings, and object properties.

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