Cinema 4D For 3D Architectural Visualisation


Cinema 4D is a great choice for 3D architectural visualisation. Whether you need to create everything from scratch, or you just want to make your building content from other apps stand out from the crowd, Cinema 4D can help.

Put simply, Cinema 4D is general 3D software used for creating still images or animations. It's like having your own film studio, but you create the models from scratch or buy them from model banks. 3D software is usually used to create any imagery that is too expensive or difficult to create by other methods.

Cinema 4D can be used to create pretty much anything and that naturally, includes architecture. You can create entire scenes from scratch or import scenes from other applications such as SketchUp or Vectorworks and use Cinema 4D for texturing, lighting, rendering and animation. 

Cinema 4D For Architectural Visualisation

As you can see from the above movie, Cinema 4D is capable of some gorgeous results. Animation can be as complicated or as simple as you like. If you need still images, Cinema 4D can render out width and height of up to a whopping 128,000 pixels on 64-bit computers. That would make for one huge bill-board! Animation can be outputted in any size or frame rate you need in a multitude of formats. You can even export After Effects project files, making compositing a breeze.

Although Cinema 4D is general purpose, it has some great links to architectural software. Cinema 4D is made by MAXON who are part of the Nemetschek Group. The latter are renowned for architectural software including All Plan, Archicad and VectorWorks. Needless to say, Cinema 4D works great with them all.

If you want to use Cinema 4D with other 3D applications, it supports a huge range of formats including: .3ds, Alembic, .dae, DEM, DXF, FBX, IGES (limited), .skp, STL, .wrl and .obj. For even more options, take a look at Okino Polytrans which supports file conversion to Cinema 4D.

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Why consider adding Cinema 4D to your pipeline?

Cinema 4D gives so many options for architectural visualisation that your only limitation is your imagination. You can create any scene or effect you can imagine to make sure your work stands out from the crowd. As Cinema 4D is truly general-purpose, professional 3D software, you're not bound by a look that is the same as many others, which can be said of results from certain 'drag and drop content type' 3d apps. With Cinema 4D, you have full control over every aspect of your scene creation, enabling you to ensure your work remains truly unique.

As you start using Cinema 4D, you'll soon notice some of the software's key benefits including:

  • Intuitive inteface
  • renowned stability
  • massive, versatile feature set
  • fast, efficient workflow
  • fantastic workflow with Photoshop & After Effects


Various Configurations For Various Needs And Budgets

Quite unusually for 3D software, Cinema 4D still comes in various configurations to suit the needs and budgets of customers. You can also upgrade from one to another if you so wish. Cinema 4D comes in four configurations:

Cinema 4D Prime - Designed with the core features that make it an ideal choice for those new to 3D who want to toe-dip or produce less demanding 3D work.

Cinema 4D Broadcast - Designed for those who work in TV Broadcast. This pack contains all the features of Prime as well as some specific tools for more advanced rendering and creation of eye-catching motion graphics.

Cinema 4D Visualize - Designed for those who work in product or building visualisation. This configuration provides Cinema 4D's best render tools for highly realistic or stylised renders as well as special content to help populate your scenes with furniture and objects.

Cinema 4D Studio - Contains all the features of the other editions as well as hair, a physics engine, network rendering and advanced character and particle tools.

All of the above are available as perpetual licences, which means you can buy them outright and use them for as long as you need. Cinema 4D Studio is also available as a short-term licence where you can buy three or six months of run-time.

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