Cinema 4D Balloon fun with EJ at Eyedesyn

Eyedesyn Balloon Tutorial - Elly

Check out this great tutorial from EJ at Eyedesyn where you learn how to make some really nice foil-style balloons in Cinema 4D. I first came across EJ's tutorials about a year ago when I was starting to get to grips with Cinema 4D.

I'd been rummaging through countless YouTube videos until I found Eyedesyn, then I was hooked.

There's nothing worse than watching an hour-long tutorial with your eyelids slowly closing at the sound of a monotone voice coming through your headphones. But once I'd clicked onto one of EJ's, that was far from what I got. His upbeat and positive personality keeps you captivated throughout and his style of learning through doing suited me (as I'm sure it does many others) just great!

Recently, it seems, he is uploading a new tip every week and there is one I especially loved doing – Create Balloons Using Cloth Dynamics. Why? Because balloons are fun, of course! Here's the tutorial:

With only an extruded spline, the Cloth tag, a bit of subdivision and a few tweaks with the Bevel tool, you will have quickly modelled your own funky-looking balloon. But EJ doesn't stop there. He then shows you how, using a material with the bump effect on and vertex maps, we can create the look of seams around the edge of the balloon, along with an awesome colour texture.

Being lit with GreyScaleGorilla's HDRI Studio Rig - which, if you haven't already, I'd strongly suggest buying - finishes it off nicely. I did try to replicate the look with different light setups and even a light studio, but the Studio Rig with the R18 "Park.hdr" image (Content Browser: "Visualize/Presets/Light Setups/HDRI/tex/Park.hdr") brought out the textures and reflections on the material perfectly.

I will be writing a full blog on GSG's HDRI Studio Rig soon, but if you're interested or wish to buy it, you can do so here.

EJ has and still is uploading plenty of amazing tutorials and tips for you, so if you're new to Cinema 4D, or even not new, I'm sure there is something he can teach you that you didn't know!

So go check him out! 

Visit Eyedesyn's youtube page.

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