BodyPaint 3D Open Beta For Cinema 4D R18 Customers


Our BodyPaint 3D software, which is included in all versions of Cinema 4D and as a standalone app has some new tools in development. Owners of Cinema 4D or BodyPaint 3D R18 can grab a beta version to put it though its paces.

The new beta option lets you play with the heavily redeveloped tools, which include updated Projection Painting and the new OpenGL Painting Engine.

BodyPaint 3D's massive advantages over painting your textures in 2D include:
  • You can paint directly on the model and see results instantly.
  • If your UV's aren't perfect, then projection paint warps your painting automatically, so it looks good on the model. 
  • You can paint several material channels at once with the powerful multibrush system
  • You have a full suite of UV editing tools at your disposal, should you need unbroken UV maps.
  • You can paint in layers and even set these up in .psd format should you ever wish to continue editing in Photoshop.

BodyPaint 3D open beta new functions preview

As you can see from the above movie, the new OpenGL painting takes advantage of your graphics card's capabilities to enable faster painting options and more real-time feedback, such as instant displacement preview. It's a huge improvement on the painting methods in previous versions of the software.

Although development is coming along really well, there is still work to be done before this passes the beta stage. If you decide to test the beta, remember that it's not finished yet and won't be as stable as our release versions.

Register for BodyPaint 3D open beta

You need to own a valid Cinema 4D or BodyPaint 3D R18 licence to be able to test the open beta. If you do, register below and we'll email you download and installation instructions.

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