Blog Content On The Move

Blog content on the move

You may have read the recent news on the main MAXON website that the company is moving towards being a truly global company. As a result, we're looking to unify our efforts and part of that change will mean that the content of the UK blog is moving elsewhere.

Where Will Content Move To?

The UK blog's previous posts were a mix of material including: customer stories, tutorials, personal views, tips and more. MAXON has always had areas for such types of content on the main website. However, for some time, we've been adding a personal flavour for our local region.

Keep an eye on the following areas of the MAXON website and channels for future local and global content:

MAXON Website Blog - This is the main International blog.

MAXON Newsletter - To sign up for a regular newsletter.

Cineversity - MAXON’s online training platform, for video tutorials, plug-ins and resources.

Industries - This is where you can find customer stories.

YouTube Channel - For demo reels, tutorials, video presentations and more.

Facebook Channel - For regular news updates.

Twitter Channel - For regular news updates.

Instagram Channel - For beautiful imagery examples.

LinkedIn Channel - For business news.

Thank You

Thanks for reading the UK blog over the time it's been running. We hope you enjoy making use of the global resources above!