5 Great Learning Resources For Cinema 4D


Although Cinema 4D 3D animation software is very intuitive software, learning it still takes time. To help, here are some of the best resources I know of, to get you up to speed fast.


Developed by MAXON's USA office, Cineversity offers thousands of tutorials on all manner of subjects relevent to Cinema 4D and BodyPaint 3D. Powerful filters let you easily find tutorials on what you want to learn about.

Cineversity offers a mix of free and subscriber only content. The free option gives you access to hundreds of tutorials, whereas premium subscription provides access to thousands of tutorials and premium plugins and presets. Premium membership is a perk for any customer who has an active MAXON Service Agreement or you can pay for access (currently $295 1st year and $95 for each year thereafter).



Easily the most popular third party supporting site for Cinema 4D, Greyscalegorilla is packed full of helpful tutorials and resources for Cinema 4D. They've also got a great FREE introduction to Cinema 4D course.

The site is run and maintained by a team of talented teachers and users of Cinema 4D software. Whilst they cover a range of topics, the big focus is motion graphics. There's a load of free content on here and some paid-for content.


The MAXON UK tutorials blog

The tutorials section on our MAXON UK blog is gradually growing and providing links to our own tutorials and those we think are handy to know about. 

The blog focuses on solving knowledge issues that we hear about from UK customers. If there's a solution out there already, we let you know about it, and if not we make it ourselves. It's well worth checking out!


Sean Frangella

Sean's excellent Motion Tutorials on YouTube are a must-visit for any motion-graphics artist. Sean provides loads of FREE tutorials on Cinema 4D, After Effects and other software that he uses.

What's particularly great about Sean's tutorials is he clearly knows his motion graphics craft. He often teaches you how to use a tool and how to use it to make something cool-looking at the same time. 


Rate My Funeral

Created by Rory Martin, the bizarrely named Rate My Funeral is packed with useful FREE Cinema 4D Tutorials. Rory has a fun presenting style that keeps you entertained whilst you learn. Well worth a look.

As well as teaching you about specific features, Rory also takes time to give you various workflow tips and best practices.

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