10 Awesome Animation Blogs You Must Follow


The blogosphere is a great source of material when it comes to ideas, inspiration and networking. For those with an interest in animation there are 10 awesome animation blogs that you must follow.

1. 3D Artist Online

This blog is the digital outpouring of 3D Artist and is designed to be a source of inspiration for those in the CGI industry. Content covers a very wide range of aspects, including images, interviews and career advice.

2. 3dTotal

When 3dTotal was first launched it was as a straightforward 3D resource website. Today it is a website dedicated to all things CG art, from training products to texture libraries. A great source of resource and inspiration in a friendly learning environment loved by 1.5 million visitors per month.

3. Skwigly

Skwigly is an animation magazine and proudly holds the title of longest running UK based animation magazine and community. The blog content covers everything from animation news, through to interviews and podcasts.

4. The Animation Anomaly

The Animation Anomaly is so named because it’s the work of Charles Kenny who is actually a civil engineer. He considers himself to be an anomaly in the animation world and this slightly different perspective makes for some interesting reading. Recurring themes include the future of animation and how it interacts with the developing digital media world.

5. Animation Mentor

Animation Mentor offers animation education online. It was set up by three professionals answering the question “If we were to start over again, how would we want to learn?” Today it’s a resource for top quality educational content to help animators reach creative potential.

6. Motionographer

This blog is aimed at designers, animators and storytellers, sharing ideas and work for inspiration and insight. Feature stories, commentary and work sharing all regularly appear.

7. Cartoon Brew

Cartoon Brew began in 2004 and is dedicated to sharing animation news, trends and ideas. It features content on the full spectrum of animation, from hand-drawn and stop motion, to cutting edge digital.

8. Animation World Network

This site has readers from 151+ countries who tune in for regular updates on all aspects of animation. From content on independent film distribution, to CGI features and events listings, it’s all here. 

9. The 11 Second Club

The 11 Second Club is a monthly character animation competition that’s free to take part in. To enter, just download the audio file and produce an animation to go with it.

10. Thinking Animation

This site is all about exploring every aspect of animation, 2D or 3D. It’s designed to be somewhere for animators to come together and inspire, share and study with various learning resources, inspirations and career strategies for getting ahead.

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